Italy bans travelers arriving from Chile, Brazil and Peru

ROME – Italy has banned travelers from Brazil and 12 other countries it considers to pose a high risk of Covid-19 transmission.

The full list comprises Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Brazil, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama and Peru.

The decree banning visitors from those countries from entering Italy was signed by the health ministry in agreement with the foreign, interior and transport ministries.

“Throughout the world, the pandemic has entered a more acute phase,” said Health Minister Roberto Speranza. “We cannot throw away the sacrifices made by Italians in recent months,” he added.

Italy was the first country to be hit by the virus after it emerged in China late last year.

Brazil has suffered the highest number of Covid-19 fatalities apart from the United States, with over 70,500 dead, and 1.8 million contagions.–MercoPress