The Santiago Times is an independent news source focused exclusively on Chilean current events. Our mission is to make the country more accessible to the international community by providing balanced, comprehensive news coverage in English.

Founded in 1991, The Santiago Times has been working toward this goal for over two decades and we pride ourselves on the range and depth of our coverage — in our news analysis, we aim to make complex developments clear to everyone, not just insiders.

Our news team is made up of committed young journalists from Chile and across the globe. Our readership is diverse: from professionals in the international business and political community to Chileans looking for a different perspective on local news.

For more than 20 years, The Santiago Times has established a reputation for high-quality reporting with an emphasis on politics, human rights, and sports. Journalists enjoy freedom to pursue long-term, investigative pieces, and many former employees have gone on to careers in major international media organizations, including The New York Times and Reuters.

Steve Anderson ( Founding Publisher)

Founding publisher and journalist Steve Anderson hails from Fayetteville, Arkansas – where he once served as a VISTA volunteer, taught school, practiced law and involved himself in community affairs as a JP on the local Quorum Court and then in national affairs as an aide to Arkansas Congressman Bill Alexamder (1st District). While busy making other plans, force majeure took him to Chile in 1987. In 1991 he launched the Chile Information Project (CHIP) and The Santiago Times as a hobby and spin-off from a project that he began while working at the Catholic Church’s Vicaria of Solidarity.