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El Salvador: Broad Powers Limit Accountability

No Answers on Covid-19 Test Results, Quarantine, Government Spending WASHINGTON – The government of El Salvador’s decision to suspend public information requests, including for Covid-19 individual test results and quarantine conditions, is putting the health […]


Haiti: Soccer chief accused of sexual assault

NEW YORK  – Haitian law enforcement should effectively investigate serious allegations of sexual assault against the president of the Fédération Haïtienne De Football (FHF), and vigorously pursue appropriate prosecutions, Human Rights Watch said yesterday. As […]

Human Rights & Law News

Peru’s new law protects abusive policing: HRW

WASHINGTON, DC – Peru recently enacted a law eliminating an explicit requirement that the use of force by police must be proportionate and granting police special protections against criminal prosecution, Human Rights Watch said today. […]