Agriculture: Rooted in Racism

By Pierre Ferrari and Cory Gilman LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas – There has been far less social progress in the United States in the last 155 years than many people would like to believe. In 2020, […]


Turning the Corner Just in Time

Marcelo Montecinos/The Santiago Times Staff As 1,421 people violated curfew and quarantine laws in the last 24 hours in Chile, the number of worldwide active versus closed Covid-19 cases seem to have inverted, and just […]


The forgotten by Covid-19

Marcelo Montecinos/The Santiago Times Staff While those that have lined up at the Civil Registry to get their codes, in order to be eligible for the latest help by government during this pandemic, will hopefully […]


Medics now wear capes

Marcelo Montecinos THE death of the first Chilean doctor, José René Sánchez, due to Covid-19 yesterday was a sad reminder of what medics have to go through on a daily work basis nowadays. That same […]


The New Degrees of Separation

Marcelo Montecinos/The Santiago Times Staff Covid-19 has separated the world, friends and family members, and now communities in its spread. The separation process has almost reached hysterical levels. “We have to maintain the Chinese Wall […]