Santiago de Chile celebrates 477 years since its foundation

SANTIAGO – On February 12, 1541, the city that we know today as Santiago de Chile was founded. Since then, 477 years have passed, which is why a series of celebrations are taking place in the Chilean capital.

The city of Santiago was initially called Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura, by the Spaniard Pedro de Valdivia, although logically, before its arrival there was also a pre-Columbian history. It is estimated that the first human groups that prowled Santiago date from 10 thousand years BC, which were mainly nomads, hunter-gatherers.

Over time, several original cultures developed, such as the Bato tradition, the Chiquillanes or Promaucaes, a name with which the Incas called the natives of the area, such as the Diaguitas or Aconcaguas.

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After several institutional processes, Santiago was declared the capital of Chile, and since then it has hosted a good percentage of the population, close to 7 million.

The Municipality of Santiago yesterday released the program with the activities that were organized within the framework of the commemoration.

“It’s 477 years since the Santiago Foundation and this year we wanted to hold a celebration in the neighborhoods, so the traditional ceremony with neighbors and authorities will be in Barrio Franklin, but as it falls on Monday and we want everyone to be part, the celebrations They will start on Sunday with many family activities, “said Mayor Felipe Alessandri.

The events began Sunday at the Plaza de Armas, where El Ballet Sons of the Earth, Swingtiago and Cueca of the time was in charge of the Syndicate of Folklorers.

Later, next to the Cousiño Palace, in the Plaza Las Heras, a family theater performance was performed with the presentation of the Children’s Magic Theater Club. This company presented the play “El tata Santiago y su historia”, which tells the children the origins of Santiago in an entertaining and educational way.

In addition, the different museums and municipal galleries such as the Casa Colorada, the Posada del Corregidor Art Gallery, the Cava Gallery, Cousiño Palace and the Hall of the Consistorial Palace will be open to present exhibitions of different national artists.

Today, February 12, the official date of the event, the National Cineteca will also have screenings of films with a free entrance, including Santiago: Civic District in colors; Panoramas of Santiago Chile, 50s; Re-discovered images of Santiago from the 1920s; and Banderero in patriotic celebrations. All are completely free.