Piñera’s rejection reaches 77% amid COVID-19 pandemic, shows Chilean survey

SANTIAGO – A public opinion poll released on Friday revealed that Chilean President Sebastián Piñera fell “significantly” in his discharge, registering 17%, seven points less than the previous month.

Piñera’s rejection levels increased nine points to 77%.

“The approval of the president dropped seven points and has to do with managing the pandemic, but the president, at the start of the crisis, had begun to rise. In the course of a few months, it was established that sanitary management did not work,” explained Cristián Valdivieso, director of the consultancy in-charge of the Criteria survey, in a radio interview.

Meanwhile, the Head of State gave eight grace pensions, called “Héroes de la Patria” (“Heroes of the Fatherland”), to relatives of health workers who died of coronavirus, with the aim of recognizing the work of health professionals.

Finally, in the midst of the health crisis, social protests return in sectors of the capital, with protests last night in up to six communes (neighborhoods) of Santiago.

As reported by Cooperativa radio, the protests occurred in the Santiago sectors of Central Station, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Quilicura, Ñuñoa, Pudahuel and with some outbreaks in Huechuraba, after a call on social networks.

The objective of the call was to reject the economic and social crisis that has resulted from the coronavirus pandemic, where residents put up barricades in their neighborhoods and confronted policemen.

“We left to pan at five in the afternoon at the corner of October 7 with April 5 (commune of Central Station). All the neighbors came out with their saucepans, it did not take 10 minutes and the police arrived with their wagons, with skunks (launches gases) and tanks,” said Ana Olivares, a neighbor of the commune.

Piñera approval falls to 24% amid rising COVID-19 cases in Chile

Since March 18, Chile has been experiencing a State of Constitutional Exception due to the catastrophe, decreed by the government to deal with the crisis caused by the coronavirus.