Piñera approval falls to 24% amid rising COVID-19 cases in Chile


SANTIAGO – Chileans’ approval of President Sebastián Piñera saw a decline of three percentage points, reaching 24% and a disapproval of 65% last week, amid the health crisis caused by Covid-19 that has not yet been contained, along with efforts to reach an agreement with the opposition to face the pandemic.

According to the Cadem survey, which addressed the perception of the population regarding the advancement of the coronavirus in the country, 68% believe that they would not personally or for someone in their family have a critical bed with a mechanical ventilator if they become seriously ill due to COVID-19 infection.

The survey shows a low percentage that confinement has been able to meet. Specifically, when asked whether respondents have left their home during the mandatory quarantine, 72% acknowledge that they do and only 27% say they have not left their residences.

In the case of those who have left their homes during the mandatory quarantine, 80% emphasize that they have always asked for permission at the virtual police station, but another 14% sincerely, only sometimes. Meanwhile, 6% have never requested the document.

On this last point, on how seriously and responsible Chileans are taking this crisis, 85% believe that compatriots estimate that “not enough”. Meanwhile, the respondents themselves only “enough”.

Another point consulted by the measurement was food shortages. If the government decided to extend the food aid plan, respondents estimate that it would be better to transfer some 30,000 Chilean pesos (about $ 40) directly to the RUT account (59%) and only 39% lean towards the option of a box of food of 30 thousand pesos.