Chile’s honorary consul in Bangladesh receives Gusi Peace Prize

DHAKA – Asif A. Chowdhury, the honorary consul of Chile in Bangladesh, was conferred with the prestigious Gusi Peace prize in Manila on Wednesday for his contribution in the fields of social welfare through business.

The Gusi Peace Foundation cited the passionate commitment and achievements of Asif Chowdhury in contribution to society through business and socially responsible activities.

The Manila-based Gusi Peace Prize International recognizes individuals with extra-ordinary contribution worldwide in the fields of peace, human rights, scientific discoveries, academe, arts & literature, medicine, journalism, business, philanthropy and internationalism.

It was further stressed that the CEO of Chowdhury Group, has been playing a dominant role in catalyzing efforts to further the international trade of Bangladesh through his diplomatic endeavors while at the same time developing his business with ideals and values to respect human dignity.

The Award was introduced in 2002 by the Foundation to honor those for contributing to peace and human dignity across the world. The Foundation was founded by Gemeniano Javier Gusiwho was a veteran during the Second World War and later involved with Philippines politics and earned popularity as a human rights activist.

Earlier, three Bangladeshis received the award. They are social thought-leader Abul Hasan Nouman in 2013; former Bangladesh Bank Governor Dr. Atiur Rahman in 2014; and media personality and Director of Channel I Shykh Seraj in 2015 for remarkable contributions in their respective fields.