Nicaragua’s Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo dies at 92

MANAGUA – Cardinal Emeritus of Nicaragua Miguel Obando y Bravo died on Sunday at 92, according to the El 19 Digital news portal.

“The hero of the National Reconciliation of Nicaragua Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo made the transition to another plane of life at 03:48 (local time) on June 3,” the official report indicated.

“Nicaragua, which is experiencing tragic and disunited times, will forever recognize his life dedicated to reconciliation and peace,” the publication added, alluding to the severe sociopolitical crisis that the country is undergoing.

Obando y Bravo was named in 2016 Hero of Peace and Reconciliation of Nicaragua by the National Assembly.

He also presided over the Verification, Reconciliation, Peace and Justice Commission and held the Order of Cultural Independence Rubén Darío.

The Cardinal emeritus, who was born on February 2, 1926, in the municipality of La Libertad, Chontales department, was considered here as one of the most important personalities in the contemporary history of Nicaragua.