Bolivia, Chile install joint mobile camp to combat smuggling

LA PAZ – This week, the customs of Bolivia and Chile added the installation of a mobile camp to the joint combat against smuggling at the border.

According to National Customs of Bolivia president Marlene Ardaya, the initiative responds to the strategic alliance with Chile in order to strengthen the fight against this scourge.

Speaking to the La Razón newspaper, Ardaya announced this joint work with the National Customs Service of Chile to see intelligence issues in places where police officers of both countries will work.

The official said that they plan to build eight other intervention operations centers, including Llica, department of Potosí.

By its part, the national coordinator of the Customs Control Unit, Waldo Aramallo, explained that the camp located in the border town of Charaña is a center of operations for military personnel and technicians of the sector.

According to Aramallo, the camp has modern communication equipment, access to the central Customs system, four 360-degree cameras, a meeting room with monitoring and connection to Google Map.

The joint work between La Paz and Santiago gives continuity to the commitments assumed in the Border Committee developed in late July in the city of Santa Cruz.

La Paz maintains that 70 percent of the illegal merchandise entering Bolivia ‘comes from Chile and causes damages to the national economy estimated in millions of dollars’.