Ex-Chilean mayor chains himself to TV channel building to claim innocence in fraud case


SANTIAGO – The former mayor of Cerro Navia, Luis Plaza, has chained himself at the entrance of Chilevisión to claim his innocence in Garbage Case.

On Wednesday morning, he grabbed heavy chains, tied them around his neck, and tied himself to bars on the side of Chilevision. In the afternoon, more calm Plaza explains what led him to commit this act.

“There are times when the mind goes anywhere, despair leads you to commit acts that go beyond the rational,” he says. “It’s desperation that gets you involved in an issue that has nothing to do with it,” he adds.

The issue in question is the Garbage Case, where the prosecution, according to documents obtained by Noticias Noticias, asks for 15 years and 1 day of imprisonment at the highest level, a fine of 10% of the total damage caused ($ 965,170,033), in addition to 7 years and 1 day of absolute temporary disqualification for public office.

“Imagine they invent something to you and make you look bad with everyone,” says Luis Plaza.

According to Plaza, everything is the work of the deputy Cristina Girardi. “She has only lied and made the prosecution wrong, I have the documents that prove it,” he alleges.

“The prosecution everything they say is a big lie, I do not know how they can lie with such a facility. I have the background, “he insists.

The documents, according to their version, prove that the municipality of Cerro Navia, contrary to what the prosecution claims, acted in accordance with the norm during its 8 year term in the commune.

“Maybe it should have been somewhere else,” he says of the place he chose to chain himself. “But to me in the Trash Case they put me, so that this issue is bigger.”

Luis Alberto Sanchez Rogelio Square, a member of the National Renovation (RN), served as mayor of the commune of Cerro Navia between 2008 and 2016.

He was defeated by the independent pro-Nueva Mayoría candidate Mauro Tamayo Rozas in the 2016 municipal elections.