Another 24 Pinochet’s agents jailed in Chile

SANTIAGO – Another 24 agents of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet have been sentenced by the Court of Appeal of Santiago, for two proven crime files.

The Court sentenced General Raúl Iturriaga Neumann and brigadiers Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko and Pedro Espinoza Bravo to seven year imprisonment. All of them are already in prison for long term convictions.

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Convictions against cases of the so-called Colombo’s Operation, a mounting of intelligence system of Pinochet to cover his murders, were based on the disappearance of an opponent and the kidnapping and tortures to another who survived.

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For executing the crimes Manuel Carevic, Gerardo Godoy, Ricardo Lawrence, Palmira Almuna, Francisco Ferrer, Fernando Lauriani and Rolf Wenderoth were sentenced to five years and a day in jail.

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The focus of the process was the kidnapping of Washington Cid, member of Revolutionary Left Movement (RLM), arrested along with his wife María Isabel Ortega in his house at Renca’s district in Santiago de Chile.

On July, 1975, Cid’s name appeared on the 119 victim list of Colombo’s Operation, a setup to disguise the bloody performance of Pinochet’s military with the cooperation of Argentinean and Brazilian regimes.

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Dictatorship’s survivors offered their testimonies about Washington Cid, whom they saw in bad physical conditions at Villa Grimaldi’s extermination and torture center.

On the other hand, The 11th Hall of the Court of Appeal also issued sentences against 14 agents for Edmundo Félix Lebrecht Díaz Pinto’s kidnapping, arrested on his house in the community La Reina de Santiago on October 1, 1974.

Lebrecht Díaz Pinto was taken to the secret Ollagüe de Ñuñoa barracks, Santiago, where he was tortured during four days. He was also in a prisoners’ camp until March, 1975.

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The culprits received by this file eight years of jail, among them General César Manríquez Bravo and Krassnoff Martchenko.

For the same crime Ricardo Lawrence, Ciro Torré, Hermon Alfaro, Basclay Zapata, Nelson Paz, José Aravena, Claudio Pacheco, José Ojeda, Gerardo Meza, José Fuentealba and Raúl Rodríguez Ponte got five years and a day of punishment.

As an accomplice Police colonel Orlando Manzo Durá was convicted to three years and a day of prison.