IN PICTURES: Thousands of students take to streets in protest of Chile’s education system

By Darius Zheng/The Santiago Times

SANTIAGO – Thousands of people today took to the streets of the Chilean capital again to march against Chile’s education system, in the latest protest organised by the Confederation of Chilean Students (CONFECH).

The protest saw a wide demographics of protesters ranging from mostly students, to grandparents in support of their grandchildren’s views. An initially peaceful protest turned violent when some protesters started breaking down metal barricades previously set up, and set fire to items.

The police retaliated by releasing tear gas and water spray, while protesters continue to hurl rocks and glass bottles at the police and their military vehicles. Here are some photos of the protest:

Police attempts to form the barricades again after protesters had torn them down

Protesters attempt to run after throwing items at the police, forcing police to retreat.

The protest continues as fire is set to some items along the protest route.

A protester attempts to kick a military vehicle as another protester looks.

Protesters beating drums as the protest continues.

A policeman retaliates after a protester attempted to attack him.

A military vehicle that was vandalised and thrown paint onto by protesters.

Protesters tear down metal barricades that the police had previously set up.

Police sprays water at protesters attempting to destroy their vehicles.

Protesters tear down metal barricades that the police had previously set up.

Protesters vandalising the military vehicles with the spray cans they had brought.

Grandparents show their support for the student by participating in the march.

Protesters stood on roofs of bus stops and waved their flags proudly at the meeting point of the protest.

Protesters demand for public education that is free of sexism.

Chilean police diverts a group of protesters.