Chilean fruits land in United States

WASHINGTON – Chilean fresh fruits were one of the highlights of a recent event held in Washington D.C. to showcase the US capital’s thriving international diplomatic community and varied culture.

Last week Chile opened the doors of its US embassy to more than four thousand visitors and guests joining the annual “Around the World Embassy Tour”, part of the Passport D.C. 2017 event.

With fresh fruits being one of Chile’s key exports, Fruits from Chile representatives were on hand to showcase and sample the wide variety of fruits available from Chile in the US.

More than 40 embassies participated in the tour, giving guests the opportunity to experience the food, art, dance, fashion and music of their respective countries, the Fruit Net reported.

Ambassador Juan Gabriel Valdés welcomed visitors with traditional Chilean music performed by the tenor Mauricio Miranda.

As one of Chile’s top exports, fresh fruits were in the spotlight. With a wooden cart reminiscent of what one would see years ago in Chile’s outdoor markets, Chilean Fresh Fruit Association merchandiser Susanne Bertolas sampled some of Chile’s finest fruits and introduced guests to the wide range of Chilean fruit enjoyed by U.S. consumers throughout the year.

“We are proud to join the Chilean Embassy as they showcase the finest offerings from Chile,” said Asoex chairman Ronald Bown.

“The Chilean fresh fruit industry is committed to providing the U.S. market with a diverse and quality offering of fruits throughout the year, and we appreciate the platform to further introduce our fruits to the American public.”