New Year: Police prepare for 230 celebration events in Chile

SANTIAGO – The National Director of Order and Security of Carabineros, Inspector General Víctor Herrera, confirmed during his visit to Valdivia the realization of special police services for about 230 activities for the new year in the country, both on the coast and in urban areas and lakes where there will be fireworks.

The top official said that in the massive events of December 31, the most complex is in Valparaíso and then in Santiago. Over one million people are expected to witness the fireworks at different points, Mr. Herrera added.

In the south, there will be music and fireworks shows. In the Bío Bío region, the largest gathering will be in Talcahuano, while in La Araucanía, the same will happen in the vicinity of the island Cautín in Temuco.

In Los Rios, Valdivia and Corral will concentrate the most attention and in the Los Lagos region, San Juan de la Costa in the province of Osorno will have its fireworks in front of the sea, as in Puerto Montt, on the waterfront. In Chiloé, the celebrations will be in the Hauihuén hill of the commune of Ancud.

Within the 230 events that will take place in the national territory, the police authority confirmed a comprehensive plan that includes focused services where there will be fewer people and installation of security perimeters in places of mass concentration, according to police planning, as well as traffic controls.