Chile and Argentina celebrate approval of trade agreement

SANTIAGO – In the framework of the Meeting of Presidents of South America 2019, President Sebastián Piñera on Friday received his Argentine counterpart Mauricio Macri at the La Moneda Palace, where they celebrated the approval of the Agreement of Economic Complementation that prevails between the countries of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) and Chile.

“It will allow us to integrate our countries in greater depth, with greater speed and generate mutual benefits for both peoples,” said Piñera in a joint statement with Mauricio Macri.

The agreement promotes the exchange of goods, services, and investments and eliminates roaming so that connectivity between both countries is more expeditious. In addition, it protects and strengthens the role of women in international trade, with practices to guarantee gender equality, in addition to enhancing bilateral trade by updating regulations and standards, in order to grant legal certainty to importers and exporters of both countries.

On the other hand, the agreement includes a special chapter so that SMEs can participate in public procurement tenders of both countries.

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“This is one of the deepest agreements, but it was also achieved in a record time, which reflects that when there is political will, when there is a coincidence in visions of the future, when we have good will, there is nothing that can stop a greater integration between two countries and two sister nations such as Argentina and Chile,” said President Piñera.