US Congress will not support a military intervention in Venezuela

WASHINGTON – The United States Congress will not support a military intervention in Venezuela despite comments suggesting that possibility by President Donald Trump, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives said Wednesday.

“I worry about the president’s comments insinuating that military intervention remains an option. I want to make clear to our witnesses and to any other person who is observing: the military intervention of the United States is not an option,” Eliot Engel said at the start of a parliamentary hearing on the volatile political situation in Venezuela.

Engel also warned of possible effects on Venezuelans due to sanctions on state-run PDVSA. Washington took action in January aimed at limiting President Nicolás Maduro’s access to oil revenues.

“With respect to the new sanctions on PDVSA, I appreciate the need to put pressure on Maduro,” Engel said. “But the White House must think about the possible repercussions that those sanctions could have on the Venezuelan people if Maduro does not leave office in the coming weeks.”

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó invoked in January a constitutional provision to proclaim himself president in charge of Venezuela, arguing that Maduro’s re-election last year was a fraud.

Lima Group and Canada call on Venezuelan military to support interim president Juan Guaidó

A majority of countries, more than seventy, including the United States, have recognized Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela, but Maduro maintains the support of Russia and China, as well as the control of state institutions, including the Armed Forces.–MercoPress