Peruvian man divorces cheating wife spotted on Google Maps

LIMA – A man in Peru has parted ways with his wife after she was caught cheating with another man on Google Maps.

The man was reportedly looking up directions to a popular bridge in Lima using Google Street View when he came across a still of a woman, whose face was blurred, sitting on a bench with a man’s head in her lap. The man figured out that the clothes the woman was wearing was the same as his wife’s.

The photos, snapped by Google Street View cameras back in 2013 at the Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco (or the Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine), showed them relaxing on a bench, with the man resting his head on the woman’s lap.

The Peruvian national confronted his wife, and she admitted to having had an affair. Local reports suggest the couple has since divorced.

Upon his discovery, he then confronted his wife, who admitted to the affair. They later divorced due to her infidelity.

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