Chilean Navy captures Peruvian vessel fishing in Exclusive Economic Zone

SANTIAGO – During a surveillance patrol, the Chilean Navy captured the fourteenth foreign vessel in the early hours of Friday morning, which was fishing in waters belonging to the Exclusive Economic Zone of the South American country.

While the Maritime Zone Patrol Officer OPV-84 “Cabo Odger”, dependent of the Fourth Naval Zone, carried out surveillance operations, it detected a Peruvian minor vessel within the Exclusive National Economic Zone, 172 kilometers west of Antofagasta and 590 kilometers south of the International Maritime Boundary.

The fishing vessel named “Jean Anthony” was inspected by naval personnel who corroborated that the five crew members of Peruvian nationality, kept spins in the water, ready to illegally extract Chilean natural resources.

During the corresponding registration, naval personnel found two tons of tile shark and 700 kilos of mackerel, fish used as bait, stored in the hold.

The vessel had sailed illegally from the port of Ilo, without being controlled by the Peruvian Maritime Authority, and therefore, without having the corresponding permits.

The fishing vessel, along with its crew, was escorted to the port of Arica by maritime units of the Chilean Navy, a city where fishermen will be placed at the disposal of the court of justice for violating the General Fisheries and Aquaculture Law.

It should be noted that this type of raid are part of the permanent operations carried out by the Chilean Navy to safeguard national maritime interests and protect the aquatic environment.

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