First doctor dies from coronavirus in Chile

RIP Dr. René Sánchez

Ross Brown/The Santiago Times Staff

SANTIAGO – Chile’s Sótero Del Río Hospital has confirmed the death of a doctor, who had contracted COVID-19.

In a tweet Tuesday, the healthcare facility mourned the death of gastroenterologist René Sánchez, who, according to what they reported, had other types of illnesses that led to his death.

Dr. José René Sánchez, a specialist at the Dr. Sótero del Río Hospital, was born in Santiago 67 years ago, studied Medicine at the Catholic University, where he first learned about the Sótero del Río Hospital, graduating in 1977.

According to the medical facility, it is not possible to determine if the professional died as a result of COVID-19, however, they indicated that he was indeed infected.

Son of a lawyer and a teacher, Dr. Sánchez studied Medicine at the Catholic University, where he was also an academic at the faculty. He knew the Sótero del Río Hospital as soon as he graduated, in 1977.

Subsequently, he was a zone general in the Los Lagos Region, but back in the capital, he did an internal medicine scholarship at the Sótero del Río Hospital, which ended in 1986, the date from which he was working in the health care facility.

He joined the gastroenterology team, where according to what the health center indicates, “he forged great friendships always for his tireless work of excellence, its simplicity and the complete absence of vanity, all characteristics that made it a benchmark for those who knew him.”

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“With deep pain I communicate the death of one of our own, Dr. René Sánchez, who died as a victim of coronavirus disease. He worked until the last day. He spent a month trying to overcome this disease,” said the director of the compound. assistance, Gonzalo Menchaca, in a video message.