Snowfall in La Araucanía leaves 1,559 isolated

SANTIAGO – The Office of National Emergency (ONEMI) has updated the information regarding the snowfall registered in La Araucanía, which keeps 1,660 people isolated in the region.

The most affected commune is Lonquimay, with 1,559 isolates; Melipeuco with 87; and Pucón with 14.

Another complication that has brought the frontal system occurs in the footbridge of the Purranque sector, commune of Curarrehue, which remains damaged due to the increase in the flow of the Maichín River; however, it is awaiting the evaluation by Vialidad.

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On the other hand, in the commune of Curacautín, regarding the situation of the 616 families affected by the snowfall in pastures in high sectors of the commune, it is reported that it was solved with reinforced local resources.

Product of low temperatures, the San Pedro lagoon was completely frozen, with ice an ice layer about 10 centimeters thick.

The Municipality of La Araucanía has decided to maintain the Yellow Alert for the communes of Lonquimay, Melipeuco and Curarrehue due to snowfall, effective from June 9.