Chile’s First Lady takes on President Piñera in snowball fight at La Moneda (VIDEO)

SANTIAGO – Due to the low temperatures, on Monday afternoon there was snow fall in the center of Santiago, and the Chilean president and his wife took advantage of the occasion outside La Moneda.

Sebastián Piñera and Cecilia Morel did not want to miss the phenomenon and went to the courtyards of La Moneda to look at the unusual landscape.

But there was a moment that stole all eyes: The first lady launched an “attack” full of precision against the president. However, it was actually a counterattack, since the “war” was started by Piñera throwing his wife a snowball on his back.

With good reflexes, the President gave a small jump that allowed him to turn his face to avoid the direct impact of the projectile.

Later, Morel shared the pictures on her Twitter account:

Hail, snow water and thunderstorms were recorded in the afternoon of Monday in different sectors of the Metropolitan region as part of the frontal system that affects the south central area of the country since last weekend.