Villa Santa Lucia: Chile mudslide death toll climbs to 16

SANTIAGO – Chilean rescue workers on Tuesday recovered the body of the latest victim of a Dec. 16 mudslide that devastated a small rural village in southern Chile, bringing the total death toll to 16.

Homes in Villa Santa Lucia, a village in the Chilean Lake District, were buried under tons of mud after excessive rainfall.

5 dead, 15 missing as landslide sweeps through Chilean town of Santa Lucia

The number of victims could rise in the next few days as six residents remain unaccounted for.

Ten families have been evacuated, according to Onemi.

Rescue efforts have been hampered by continual rains that threaten further mudslides.

Villa Santa Lucia is home to only about 130 residents.

The town was unable to vote in Sunday’s presidential runoff won by conservative ex-president Sebastian Pinera.