60% of Chileans believe Piñera will become next President

SANTIAGO – Majority of the public in Chile believe that Sebastián Piñera will return to La Moneda as President after the November 19th elections, according to the results of the final survey by the Public Opinion section of the Centre for Public Study revealed on Wednesday.

The participants of the survey were asked “If the elections were next Sunday, which of the eight Presidential candidates would you vote for?” In response, Piñera led with 34.5%, Alejandro Guillier was second with 16.4% and Beatriz Sánchez followed with 8.5%. Out of those surveyed who said they would certainly be voting in November, Piñera led the polls with 42.3% followed by Guillier with 21.4% and Sánchez with 9.4%.

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If the Presidential elections go to a second round, which they will as long as no candidate gets an absolute majority on November 19th, the study suggests that Piñera is most likely to win in a two-way vote against any of the other candidates. In a vote between Piñera and Guillier, 39.4% stated that they would vote for the ex-President, and 27.2% would vote for Guillier. 33.4% of respondents would not vote in this second round of polling.

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If the situation was Piñera versus Sánchez, 39.7% said that they would vote for Piñera and 23.3% for Sánchez. If it were Goic who was against Piñera in a second vote, 40% responded that they would vote for the ex-President and 19.7% would vote for Goic.

When questioned who they believed would become the next President, 59.8% highlighted Piñera as the most likely candidate, up from 55.9% in the previous study. He was followed by Guillier at 9.2%, up from 7.8%, and Sánchez with 2.7%, down from 3.6%.

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The study was carried out over September-October, and provides an update to the previous studies carried out bimonthly by the group. There were 1,424 people surveyed over a period of 26 days. These will be the final results released before the election.