Exhibition of Joan Alfaro’s “Andean Surrealist” art opens at Lima Airport

LIMA – The celebrated Peruvian painter, Joan Alfaro has collaborated with Marca Peru and Lima Airport Partners to unveil a new exhibition in the arrivals hall of Jorge Chávez International Airport, with the aim of promoting Chilean culture among visitors and travelers.

Alfaro is known predominantly as an artist whose work takes the viewer on a dreamlike journey through the lives of children, men women and animals of the Andean highlands.

His pieces weave images from vibrant colors and shapes which conjure the beauty of Peruvian culture and allows it to be expressed in all of its dimensions. Because of this, he is recognized as embodying the “Peruvian Brand”.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, the artist underlined the importance of using the airport space as a gallery, reports SerPeruano.

“It is a huge showcase so that foreigners and Peruvians alike can appreciate the richness and variety of Peruvian culture, many of whom do not stay in this country long enough to get to know in its entirety. This way, they will leave with memories of our Andean roots….”

The Chief of Images and Communication of Lima Airport Partners, Rocío Espinoza, added that the exhibition “increases the value of the experience of the visitor, at the moment of their arrival to or of their leaving of our country. Equally, it can be enjoyed for free by all the other people who are waiting for their friends or relatives.”

The exhibition consists of 10 paintings, and will be available to visitors of the Airport free of charge.

It is in the International Arrivals Hall, and will run until 31st January 2018.