Former presidents reject Trump’s threats of intervention in Venezuela

CARACAS – Former presidents José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (Spain), Martín Torrijos (Panama) and Leonel Fernández (Dominican Republic) have rejected the threats by U.S. President Donald Trump against the government and people of Venezuela.

The three ex-presidents are participating as mediators of the political conflict now shaking Venezuela, and coincided with the idea that a military intervention to this south Latin American country, will leave international legality very vulnerable.

The Venezuelan News Agency (AVN) said that the three former presidents reiterated their conviction that democratic coexistence will be the only way, to solve the socio-political situation lived by Venezuela in these moments.

Leonel Fernandez, on behalf of the three mediators, condemned Washington’s warlike threats.

“It would be a simply a harmful choice and a very serious historical error. We support peaceful negotiation,” Fernandez concluded.

The three former presidents support the proposal of the Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, of making the political dialogue prevail for the solution of the conflicts with sectors of the rightwing, which tried to plunge Venezuela into chaos.