Cuba opens first cable car in Cayo Guillermo

CIEGA DE AVILA – Cuba has opened its first cable car in Cayo Guillermo in a bid to increase nautical activities of the tourist destination Jardines del Rey, in the northern central region.

The cable car is located in a very appealing area of Cayo Guillermo, near the dolphinarium, very close to the Boat Adventure and near the cays Montero and Media Luna in which people dive and snorkel.

Abelardo Fernandez, chairman of the extra-hotel business group Cubasol, says there is great expectation about the cable car, as it was built in a area of crystalline waters and a very natural environment.

The cable car, which was set up by the German company CON-IMPEX, belongs to the Cuban extra-hotel group Palmares and provides the clients with training for water skiing and wakeboarding at a constant speed.

Experts believe it does not damage the environment, as the circulation of water provides oxygen, increasing its quality, hence it is a perfect balance amid fun, sports and nature.