Chile registers multibillion-dollar investments around the world

SANTIAGO – Chile registers investments in the world that reach 114.23 billion dollars, between 1990 to 2016 – 92 percent of which concentrate in 10 countries, six of them in Latin America.

Statistics were offered by the Director General of International Economic Relations (Direcon), that pointed Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, United States, Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, Croatia and Germany as the main destinations.

Direct investment was reportedly distributed in those 26 years in over 60 countries of America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

A number exceeding the 1200 Chilean enterprises actually execute over three thousand projects abroad.

Despite the international financial crisis, investment abroad has been in constant rise, reflecting the strength of national companies and the conviction by the integration of world economy, said director general of Direcon, Paulina Nazal.

Between 1990 and last year, Latin America has been the main destination of Chilean direct investment, with an evolution of relatively constant growth and concentrated mainly in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Peru, she explained.

From the sectorial point of view, the greater dynamism of Chilean investment lies in the sphere of services (50 percent of total) and the Manufacturing Industry (25 percent of the total).