U.S. military trains Peru’s presidential guards on its own expense

LIMA – Earlier this week, Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski closed a security course at the government palace with about 20 U.S. soldiers to his escort and other personnel from the headquarters.

U.S. ambassador, Brian A. Nichols, attended the meeting, the Andina state news agency said. The course lasted six weeks and involved 100 police and military personnel in charge of the presidential custody and other security duties.

They received training in security techniques, first aid, deactivation of explosives and shooting and it was organized by the U.S. military assistant advisory group (military mission) member of the U.S. embassy, according to the news agency.

Kuczynski gave a speech in Spanish and English during the closing ceremony, and thanked for the course, which cost, $50,000 USD, was covered by the North American side.