Chilean Communist leader highlights Cuba’s example for Latin America

SANTIAGO – Communist Party of Chile’s general secretary Lautaro Carmona has highlighted the strength and capacity of resistance of Cuba, “which nurtured from its people”s wisdom and built an example for the region”.

Carmona, who is also a lawmaker, told Prensa Latina in an interview that Cuba is ‘the great power of human intelligence, its greatest resource to meet and solve its challenges’.

“It is a respected reference in the world, without denying the economic challenges. A prestige also based on the development of biotechnology, medicine, culture, education, sports, the entire wealth of a small country that is proud of its achievements,” he commented.

The second in command in the Communist Party added that along with the admirable struggle in defense of the Revolution for more than 50 years, the development of tourism, ‘there is a sentiment of belonging and pride among Cubans’.

Carmona went on to say that the huge Latin American challenge at present is to defend its independence and sovereignty against an offensive by the right wing to undermine all progressive processes.

He pointed out that when interests, privileges and not very well-preserved standards are affected as time goes by, as it is evident in Chile, the clash is permanent.

Beyond tactical errors, how to respond to contingencies and problems, our projects is perfectible, without neglecting that there is an offensive to take us to the obscurantism of the past, Carmona underlined.

The Chilean communist leader added that efforts are being made to destabilize all alternatives that question the sustained model, particularly with support from U.S. imperialism. They take advantage of the media control, which is almost absolute and allows them to headline, implement and later validate through surveys, as if the surveys were a neutral mechanism without political intentionality, he said.