Nobel laureates call for release of Bolivian detainees in Chile

LA PAZ – President Evo Morales has thanked Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Rigoberta Menchú and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, who are in favor of the release of the nine Bolivians detained in Iquique, Chile.

“I thank the Nobel Peace Prize laureates Rigoberta and Adolfo for the actions in favor of the release of the nine detained Bolivian brothers in Chile #LiberenALos9,” the president wrote on his Twitter account: @evoespueblo.

Menchu expressed her concern before this fact, and said: “It gained relevance and media management.”

Rigoberta Menchú.

She also demanded that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights addresses the case with the urgency demanded by the relatives of the officials of this nation.

By its part, Perez Esquivel sent a letter from the Peace and Justice Service Foundation to express his concern about the arrest of Bolivian officials captured by Chilean police officers since March.

“We call for dialogue between two brother countries, such as the Republic of Chile and the Plurinational State of Bolivia,” the letter remarks.

Chilean police arrested nine civil servants in an anti-smuggling operation on March 19.

Pozo Almonte Court issued pretrial detention under cases such as theft with intimidation, violence, and possession of prohibited weapons.