Drugs, money and guns seized in Rancagua raid

By Kendall Thiele / The Santiago Times

RANCAGUA — Police have detained 13 people including two minors and three women, during a major drug bust in central Chile.

The raid in Patria Vieja sector of Rancagua followed an order from the Attorney General to investigate the drugs sale over which rival gangs were disputing territory with armed clashes.

After identifying seven homes that could be attributable to the sale and distribution of illegal drugs, the members of Policía de Investigaciones de Chile (PDI), with the support of MT-zero, carried out the raid which resulted in the seizure of 206.3 grams of cocaine base, 135.5 grams of cannabis, 6 cannabis plants and 148 thousand pesos (roughly $200 USD).

The police also managed to seize an 1892 Winchester model rifle, an Astra pistol and a Mauser pistol along with 13 cartridges of 0.44 calibers.

Seven of the 13 detainees remain behind bars while six were granted release citing article 26 of the Criminal Procedure Code, confirmed Julián Espinoza, the head of Narcotics and organized crime brigade of PDI in Rancagua.


Also, this week, detectives arrested a drug dealer who was on the run since a major drug bust in San Fernando.

Earlier this month, detectives from Policía de Investigaciones de Chile (PDI) carried out a raid in the sector of El Camino Real just outside of San Fernando. Two men were held for violation of drug laws, while 2.7 kilos of cocaine base, 162.3 grams of cocaine hydrochloride and 549 thousand pesos (under $900 USD) seized by the authorities.

A third man (attempting to buy cocaine), spotted the police and fled through the surrounding agricultural properties. However, two weeks after the incident, detectives continued the investigation and managed to locate the man.

Because it was believed the man would have fractured one of his legs during the escape, the police carried out a registration of various hospitals. They found that the man had an operation on one of his legs at the San Antonio hospital.

With this information, the police arrested the 45 year old man this weekend in El Quisco. The suspect will remain in custody for 90 days during the duration of the investigation.