Chile exceeds 6,100 deaths; total Covid-19 cases soar to 291,847

Ross Brown/The Santiago Times Staff

SANTIAGO – Chile has exceeded 6,190 deaths from coronavirus and recorded a spike in daily infections by reporting more than 3,750 new patients, according to the latest government balance on the day the country turns 121 days from the start of the health crisis.

The undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza confirmed that the total number of cases of coronavirus soared to 291,847 since the first patient was reported, on March 3.

At least 141 deceased were registered in the Civil Registry in the past 24 hours, the Minsal official added.

Regarding hospital occupation, she explained that there are 2,077 people hospitalized in intensive care units, of which 404 are in critical condition. So far, there have been 17,287 PCR tests performed (1,163,880 in total) in the South American country.

Meanwhile, the authorities have extended all quarantines for seven more days due to the coronavirus pandemic. With this new extension, Santiago will complete 56 days of total confinement to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to Health Minister Enrique Paris, sanitary cords have been installed in the communes (neighborhoods) of Coronel and Lota, located in the central Bío Bío region, almost 500 kilometers from the Metropolitan Region, since Friday (10 p.m.)

During the last 24 hours, Carabineros detained 1,704 people for not respecting the curfew and the sanitary quarantine due to the outbreak.

Police said 159 of them were caught on for violating the curfew without a safe-conduct, while the remaining 1,547 did not respect the quarantine that governs the 63 communes of the country and did not carry a temporary permit.

On the other hand, Carabineros reported that during the past 24 hours, more than a million permits were issued to the people: 802,152 for purchases, 152,915 for payment of services and more than 100,000 to attend a health center.

Since March 18, Chile has been experiencing a State of Constitutional Exception due to Catastrophe, decreed by the government to deal with the crisis caused by the coronavirus.