Piñera receives Usain Bolt at La Moneda to kick off Chile’s Sports Week

SANTIAGO – Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera along with the Minister of Sport, Pauline Kantor, and Assistant Secretary Andrés Otero received the Olympic multi-champion Usain Bolt at the palace of La Moneda on Monday.

The Jamaican athlete talked with the authorities about his experience as an athlete and took advantage of officially launching the Sports Week , which will include free activities throughout Chile under the Ministry of Sports.

“We had a very good conversation. He is very relaxed and friendly. It gave us a lot of energy and strength to continue promoting a culture of sporting life in Chile in the face of high rates of inactivity and overweight,” Minister Pauline Kantor said.

Bolt, who is in Chile invited by the brand Puma – his official sponsor – received as a gift some spurs from Minister Kantor and President Piñera, who took the opportunity to show him a framed photograph where he appears with the athlete.

“He was very nice, he could not believe it to be reflected in a photo with the President, who explained what it meant. He told him it was a meme when we were rebuilding the country and he had to jump, and they compared him to Usain. He found it nice,” Kantor explained.

Another issue addressed by the minister and “El Rayo” was the sports collaboration agreement signed between Chile and Jamaica in July 2018.

“This agreement will enhance our talent detection by advising us on Jamaican experts and multi-champions like Bolt. With his enormous experience we can motivate and inspire thousands of children with the potential of future champions,” Minister Kantor concluded.

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