Santiago Stock Exchange in its longest positive streak in its history

Since last December 24, the last time it fell, the stock market index accumulates an increase of 8.05%, and almost regained everything it lost throughout 2018.

SANTIAGO – The Santiago Stock Exchange on Thursday scored its biggest positive streak in its history, after chaining its fifteenth consecutive session upwards.

The IPSA, the main index of the stock market, achieved a preliminary increase of 0.31% to 5,435.93 points, in a volatile day.

Thus, since the end of last December 24, when it was the last time it fell, the indicator accumulates an increase of 8.05%, and almost regained all that lost throughout 2018.

Among the shares of the most traded companies in this day and ending up are Enel Américas (0.58%) and SQM series B (1.23%). According to analysts, there are several factors that explain this historic streak, among which are the best prospects in the negotiations for trade war between the United States and China, less fears for the slowdown of the Asian giant and a positive view of the Latin American markets..

“In Argentina, the mid-year crisis (2018) has already passed with the support of the IMF, and a little Bolsonaro effect with better expectations and the appointment of its Finance Minister Paulo Guedes, which is more pro-free market. And we have a bit of expectations that the commercial war will finally reach an agreement and a lower base of comparison against the rather strong adjustment of Chilean stocks last year,” said the general manager of Renta 4 brokerage, Guillermo Aragón.–MercoPress