Chile-bound Latam flight grounded after plane’s window shattered by hailstorm

BUENOS AIRES – A Latam Brasil Airbus A320-200 which was set for Santiago, Chile made an emergency landing in Argentina due to a severe hailstorm.

Only 80 minutes into its flight after took off from Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday, the plane flew through a severe hailstorm over the province of Misiones, Argentina.

Wind gusts of up to 200km/hr battered the plane and the aircraft was forced to descend 1,500 metres before it made an emergency landing at Ezeiza airport at Buenos Aires.

Argentinian’s Accident Investigation Board confirmed nobody was injured on the flight.

All the passengers were promptly transferred to other flights and made it to their final destination in Chile.

The damaged plane has been kept at the airport in Buenos Aires.