Chilean passport ranked the most powerful in Latin America, Henley index shows

SANTIAGO – The Chilean passport has been ranked as the most powerful passports in the Latin American region, placed at 14th spot among 106 places in the Henley Passport Index 2018.

Chile was the best performing passport in Latin America with visa-free access to 174 destinations.

Brazil has been placed at 16th place with a score of 171, while Argentina stands at 17th spot with visa-free access to 170 destinations.

Meanwhile, the Japanese passport now stands as the best performing in the world with access to 190 countries and destinations, according to the 2018 Index released today. The ranking means that the Japanese citizens are able to travel without a visa or to acquire the visa on arrival in 190 countries across the globe.

Whereas, Singapore’s passport, which shared the rank with Japan last year with both scoring 180, is now placed at 2nd rank with access to 189 countries.

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The passports of China and United Arab Emirates (UAE) were among the best performers climbing 14 and 17 places, respectively, to be placed at 71st and 21st spot, respectively.