China to launch world’s first 3D-printed car

BEIJING – Italian automobile manufacturer X Electrical Vehicle (XEV) has joined hands with Polymaker, a Shanghai-based company producing materials for the 3D printing industry, to launch the world’s first 3D-printed vehicle.

The car, named LSEV, is a white mini car around 98 inches long, 59 inches tall and 51 inches wide; and it is smaller than a Smart Fortwo.

It can reach a speed of 43 miles per hour, according to Digital Trends.

It is said that the car’s chassis, two seats and glass are the only visible parts which are not 3D-printed.

Customers who intend to purchase the car can directly contact the factory for order. The first deliveries of the car to customers are expected in 2019 and an LESV is projected to be priced at 10,000 U.S. dollars.