West Bank – Chile slams Israeli plan as ‘dangerous step with unpredictable consequences’

SANTIAGO – Chilean Foreign Minister Teodoro Ribera has opposed the Israeli plan to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank, calling it a “dangerous step with unpredictable consequences” on achieving a just and peaceful solution of the Palestinian conflict.

Through a document sent to Congress, the chancellor responded to the letter that a group of 66 pro-government and opposition deputies sent him last May asking the Executive to demonstrate against the intentions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who intends to activate annexation on that Palestinian territory from July.

“An eventual annexation such as the one described would have serious and unpredictable consequences for the achievement of a just and peaceful solution, further hindering a process leading to a two-state solution and a sustainable peace between Palestine and Israel, in accordance with the resolutions of United Nations,” warned the head of Chilean diplomacy in the text, sent to deputy Sergio Gahona (UDI), president of the Chile-Palestine inter-parliamentary group.

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In a letter sent to his Palestinian counterpart, Riyad Al-Malki, Ribera explained that the Government of Sebastián Piñera is following Netanyahu’s announcement with great attention and special concern, but, furthermore, he stated that the Chilean State’s policy on the matter is “permanent, invariable and adheres in an unrestricted manner to the international law and United Nations resolutions. ”

Chile supports all efforts toward achieving a long-lasting peace and respecting and recognizing the right of both states to exist in peace within secure and recognized borders, he added.

Annexing the West Bank territory was one of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s promises during the election campaign. With the support of the administration of US President Donald Trump, this step could start on July 1.

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