Chile registers its deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic


Photo by Chile's Ministry of Health.

Seventy-five people died from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours as total number of cases rises to 108,686.

SANTIAGO – Chile’s health ministry on Tuesday said that 3,527 new cases of coronavirus were registered in the last hours, bringing the total number to 108,686.

Of which, 3,206 were symptomatic and 321 asymptomatic, as indicated by Minister Jaime Mañalich.

The minister added that 75 people lost their lives to COVD-19 – a new peak of daily deaths – bringing the total number to 1,188. This does not include the new criteria announced for deaths, which indicates that they will be counted among the deceased, who have already died.

Minister Jaime Mañalich explained that the number of deceased people linked to the virus has not yet been joined by a recommendation made by the World Health Organization (WHO), but that instance will be extended as of this Wednesday.

“This figure does not include the new pending PCR criteria, this will be included tomorrow, and what it includes is the number of people who have taken exams and who were behind on their report,” he clarified.

However, the authority emphasized that as of Wednesday, “people will be included in the statistical number not only when they have a positive reported PCR, but also when they may have a pending PCR that has not been reported.”

Mañalich emphasized that “this seems to us in line with the WHO recommendations, giving more transparency in public health matters.”

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There are 21,325 active cases, while 1,451 people are under treatment at hospitals across the South American country. Of them, 1,202 are on mechanical ventilation while 326 are reported to be in critical condition.

Currently, there are 4,347 total rooms in 92 health residences throughout the country.

According to the minister, the government was carrying out 22,000 exams a day. “Chile is one of the countries that tests the most in the world and we exceed 500,000,” Mañalich said yesterday.

Santiago and 38 nearby towns remain under quarantine until June 5 due to an increase in cases in recent weeks.

The quarantine is affecting around seven million people, and protests over “insufficient” government aid have arisen in poor sectors of the metropolitan region.

Authorities have distributed 227,842 food baskets in eight regions of the country so far.

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