Neighbourhood Tales to live-stream all performances from Primrose Hill and surrounding areas

• Mimi Fuenzalida and team have been capturing different types of performances from local community members to raise funds for charity
• All performances, along with personal stories, are a part of an initiative to increase connection during a time of social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic
• The goal is to raise a total of £10,000

LONDON – On Saturday, at 6pm BST, the Neighbourhood Tales Performance Show will begin streaming from its official website and via Instagram.

A collection of different types of acts from Primrose Hill and its surrounding areas— local neighbors are lending their talents to raise money for Oldfield State and Food for All UK.

Neighbourhood Tales was launched on Instagram on 21st of April – through a series of portraits and stories from the neighbors – it aims to help the local community build a stronger bond and to work together for the greater good during the Home Stay mandate.

Mimi Fuenzalida, the creator of Neighbourhood Tales, was born in Santiago, Chile and relocated from Los Angeles to London with her husband in June of 2018. Mimi immediately felt a connection to this special neighborhood, a little village so close to the hustle and bustle of Central London.

Mimi is a visual storyteller, working in photography and film. She brings an intimacy, humanity, and connection to her work which allows her subject stories to emerge.

Having worked on the AIDS Bike Ride organizing committee as well as socially conscious documentaries, the Neighbourhood Tales project is a complete expression of Mimi’s commitment to charitable causes and storytelling. While maintaining safe social distance practices, she has been capturing neighbors’ portraits on their front steps and balconies, from the street.

Having gained the support of the community, Mimi and her team have filmed acts for The Neighbourhood Tales Performance Show — a charity event which will stream 30th of May at 6PM BST

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