Chile surpasses countries most hit by COVID-19 in daily cases per million inhabitants

Coronavirus tally crosses 80,000-mark

SANTIAGO – Chile now ranks number two worldwide in the average number of daily cases per million inhabitants and surpassed the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, it emerged on Wednesday.

According to figures compiled by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control of the European Union, and published by Our World in Data, an initiative of a team from the University of Oxford, Chile reached the highest number of daily infections in the last seven days.

Thus, Chile left behind countries such as Brazil (81.11), the United States (66.34), Russia (61.43) and Canada (28.91).

The South American nation of 208.78 per million inhabitants also surpassed nations that were hit the hardest but managed to get out of it: Spain (11.59) and Italy (10.09).

Worldwide, only Qatar surpasses Chile in this item, with an average of 507.03 cases.

In South America, Chile was in first place, followed by Peru (125.85), Brazil (already mentioned, with 81.11), Ecuador (30.55) and Bolivia (29.34).

First doctor dies from coronavirus in Chile

As for the daily average of deaths per million inhabitants in the last seven days, Chile is slightly better positioned, with 2.11, ahead of Italy, which registered 2.06; but it has been surpassed by Sweden (4.68), Brazil (4.49), the United Kingdom (4.46) and the United States (3.4).

Considering the number of tests carried out per thousand inhabitants, Chile far exceeds the rest of the countries of South America, with a daily average of 0.8 exams.

They are followed very far by Uruguay (0.24), Colombia (0.16), Peru (0.13), Paraguay (0.09), Argentina (0.08) and Bolivia (0.03). The rest of the countries did not present information.

Chile’s Heath Ministry on Wednesday reported 82,289 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus and 841 have died from the disease in the country.