Chilean government helping people get home


Marcelo Montecinos/The Santiago Times Staff

SANTIAGO – The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with Latam, Sky and Jetsmart airlines, are coordinating their efforts to help Chileans stuck in other countries, due to pandemic restrictions in place by foreign countries, get back home.

As many as 59,555 people have been repatriated back to Chile since March 18, despite very restrictive cross-country measures taken by most governments since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The Ministry is asking Chileans abroad to take care of themselves, and their families, as well as having patience with the process of overcoming logistical obstacles now in place.

Respective governments are coordinating and expediting flights with Grupo Copa, Avianca and Aeromexico in order to voluntarily return their citizens back home.

Chileans abroad that are finding it difficult to return home, due to the pandemic, should contact their embassies, where they will receive assistance in finding ways to get back to Chile, whether that be aerial, or via land.

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