Falklands resumes public transport between the Islands


STANLEY – The Falkland Islands government has begun lifting restrictions on internal flights and the ferry service that links the two main islands of the archipelago.

Until now, these services, considered essential, since March, have ensured the transportation of cargo and critical medical supplies, with specialized personnel protected against Covid 19.

According to the new instructions decided by the Falklands Executive Council, which must comply with the strict rules of chinstraps and social distancing, the internal flight service by the government airline, FIGAS will resume flights this Monday, May 18, while the Concordia Bay ferry will be able to transport passengers from Wednesday May 20.

However, passengers will not be able to travel if they have cold or flu symptoms; nor may those who have been in the Mount Pleasant Complex for the past seven days travel. In the same way, whoever has been swabbed and expects results, or shares a home with someone who has been swabbed and also expects results.

Passengers on airplanes must comply with social distancing as well as chinstraps and hand sanitation and footwear before the flight. Likewise, FIGAS will provide chinstraps and sanitation to those who embark at distant posts. The number of passengers will also be less than usual to comply with the distance.

FIGAS will not fly to the Mount Pleasant Complex, where all Covid 19 cases have been recorded on the Islands.

Social distancing rules will also apply on the Workboat Services ferry linking New Haven with Port Howard, and therefore only eight passengers may travel per crossing.

Passengers may enter the ferry lounge as long as sanitary regulations are met, and the lounge will be sanitized prior to each trip. The crew will not be able to access the lounge while there are passengers.

The Islands government respectfully insists that the rules are followed and that passengers are fully transparent in their statements. Failure to do so may result in the re-imposition of restrictions on Falklands internal travel.–MercoPress