Chile and Peru join hands to promote agricultural products in Asia

LIMA – The complementarity in some agricultural products between Peru and Chile has led both countries to sign an agreement to work on a joint plan to promote markets such as Asia, among other issues, such as phytosanitary, or innovation.

This was announced by the Peruvian Minister of Agriculture, Gustavo Mostajo, who said that, while the main market in Peru is still the United States and Europe, there is interest in growing in the Asian market.

“We have common products, mainly fruit products to be able to supply them,” he said. Among some of the mentioned products are the avocado, grape and citrus, these “we can enhance together”.

“Both countries are growing and we have already worked together on health quality, as in the fight against the fruit fly,” he said.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture of Chile, Antonio Walker Prieto, mentioned that each country advances in the promotion as Promperú and ProChile, but that “we can do it together and we have a work plan for the coming months,” he said.

“We believe that we can be a complement, in the world we tend to form commercial blocks, and we can have our own block of agricultural products, with healthy and sustainable products,” he said.

He expressed that, in this effort, they could unite with Colombia and Mexico, countries with which they agree with the Pacific Alliance.

Gustavo Mostajo mentioned that Peru already has an important advance so far this year, and is that in January there was a growth of 20%, exceeding US $ 783 million. “We are growing with an important growth of blueberries, grapes, among other products,” he said.–MercoPress