Haven’t registered your pet? Here’s how to do it

SANTIAGO – Next Tuesday, February 12, the obligation that all persons have to register and identify their pets, as established in the Regulation on Responsible Pet Ownership, which was published in the Official Gazette in August of last year, comes into force.

In this sense, those who have pets and have not registered them and are not with the proper identification (internal or external), risk fines and sanctions.

How to register pets?

To incorporate pets or pets to the National Registry, people have two possibilities to register:

► Go directly to the appropriate municipality, with the certificate of a veterinarian to account for the characteristics, conditions and number of microchip the animal.
Register your pet online. In this case, the person must have a Unique Key to fill out the form and the veterinary certificate that accounts for the characteristics and conditions of the animal to be registered and the microchip number of the animal, since it is the only permanent identification system.

What documents are required to register pets in the Registry?

To register the animal, the following documents are required: a document signed by a veterinarian with the identification data of the animal, a document that certifies the animal’s domain and a document stating that the person does not have an absolute and perpetual disability for the possession of any type of animals. All of them can be downloaded for free here.

What are the ways to identify pets?

Pets can be identified in two ways:

1) Internal device (microchip): a small capsule, the size of a grain of rice, which is deposited under the skin of the animal by a veterinarian and lasts more than 20 years. This device has a unique code of 15 digits and allows to associate to this code all the data of the animal and its responsible. It should be noted that this procedure does not imply greater risks to the health of the animal and produces minimal discomfort in its application.

2) External device: according to the Regulation it is feasible to identify the pet with a device other than the microchip. In the registration form, in the section ‘Type of Identification’ (which refers to the device that the pet will use), select the option ‘External’, after which the field External Code will be displayed with the message “Once your application will be assigned an identification code. ”

After successfully completing the registration process (this is when the municipal official approves the request), the system will send, to the user’s email, a 6-digit alphanumeric code, which must be permanently and indelibly stamped on the external device. identification of your pet (may be a necklace, badge, tattoo or other that is appropriate for the species and size). Likewise, the process can be done in person at the respective municipality, and the code will be delivered at the end of this process. In both forms of registration (online and in person) it is necessary to attach / accompany the Proof of Existence of the animal.