Another outbreak of ISA virus in Chile’s Patagonia salmon farms

SANTIAGO – Chile’s National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (SERNAPESCA) has established zoning areas following the detection and outbreak of the ISA virus, Infectious Salmon Anemia at Rowlett 749 center in the Patagonia Aysén Region.

Officials from SERNAPESCA entered the farming centre to evaluate the sanitary and bio security conditions, checking on necropsies associated to the ISA disease, and thus re categorized the detection as an outbreak.

Farming centre Rowlett 749, belonging to Cermaq Chile SA and located in the Aysén Region, was declared as a centre with ISA virus outbreak.

As detailed in Resolution 5943, SERNAPESCA officially declared the ISA infection and the zoning to an area comprised by 5 nautical miles around the apex A of Rowlett Centre 749, registered in the National Register of Aquaculture with number 110696.

Cermaq Chile SA informed that it has determined to accelerate the harvesting process.

SERNAPESCA will maintain surveillance over the area’s centers and supervise the safeguarding of bio security conditions.–MercoPress

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