Meet Andrés Couve Correa – Chile’s first Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation

SANTIAGO – President Sebastián Piñera has appointed Andrés Couve Correa as the first Secretary of State to head Chile’s new Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation.

The 49-year-old biologist, who is known to have led the Millennium Institute of Biomedical Neuroscience (BNI), actively participated in the discussion about the ministry’s creation.

Couve has a degree in Biological Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a PhD in Cell Biology from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York. In addition, he has a post-doctorate in Neuroscience from University College London (UCL).

Also, his research has been published in more than 40 international journals.

Next to him, Carolina Torrealba Ruiz-Tagle will work as the only undersecretary in the ministry. Carolina, who has a PhD in Cell Biology, was named executive director of the Millennium Scientific Initiative just in May 2018.

Until before that, she was also part of the directory of the Young Science Foundation, whose objective is to improve scientific education in Chile through of the development of school academies, retreats for teachers and summer camps for schoolchildren.

The Ministry of Science and Technology will advise and collaborate with the President of the Republic in the design, formulation, coordination, implementation and evaluation of policies, plans and programs aimed at promoting and strengthening science, technology and innovation derived from scientific-technological research.

It will be responsible for promotion of research, basic and applied, and the generation of knowledge in science and technology, which includes the fields of natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

Besides encouraging the training of highly qualified professionals and researchers in all sectors, the ministry will work to promote the gender perspective and the equal participation of women and men in all areas of science, technology and innovation.

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It also aims to promote investment and participation in the area of individuals and private entities.

The other functions include ensuring the protection and conservation of national scientific and technological heritage, and the development and promotion of space activity in the South American country.

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