Argentina enables YPF to export natural gas to Chile

BUENOS AIRES – The government of Argentina has authorized the state company YPF to export natural gas to the company Colbún in Chile, for up to 1.5 million cubic meters per day from the Neuquén Basin.

YPF will be able to send “9,300 kilocalories per cubic meter natural gas from May 1, 2019, or until a total maximum amount equal to the authorized daily export volume is reached by the number of valid days”, indicated a report published in the Official Gazette.

Argentina relaunches natural gas exports to Chile

Enabling YPF will be subject to interruptions in the event of internal supply problems. Argentina began in late October the export of unconventional natural gas to Chile after 12 years of suspension, in a signal that aims to achieve greater integration of energy matrices of both countries. Therefore, in the last few days it has expanded the list of authorized companies to these transactions.–MercoPress