Chile marks first official National Day without Car

'Dia Nacional Sin Auto'

SANTIAGO – For the first time and in an official manner, the “National Day without Auto” was commemorated this week in Chile.

In June this year, the Comptroller General of Chile had issued the decree that established that the last Friday of September be held in the country a day that aims to promote the use of other means of transport, raise awareness about energy savings and promote a harmonic road coexistence among Chileans.

And to commemorate this day, the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT), together with the Metropolitan Intendency and Carabineros, announced the closure of Agustinas Street for the movement of vehicles, between Morandé and Ahumada. The interruption of the transit was carried out between 07:00 am and 15:00 hours on Friday, as a way to give the capitalists a space of leisure and transit that invites to use other forms of mobility.

“We want to give a respite to our cities, encouraging the use of public transport, cycling, walking or other modes, since our displacements have a direct impact on pollution levels. Thus, through initiatives like this one, we seek to promote and generate awareness about the fact that in the city there are also motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, “said Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt.

Different organizations of the civil society, as well as Metro, EFE and Conaset, showed through stands some initiatives destined to foment the use of the public transport and the road safety. Also, diverse communities of entrepreneurs were present in mobility issues, bicycle workshops and the Choose Healthy Living program.

The Metropolitan region concentrates 39.3% of the country’s automobile fleet, with more than two million vehicles and it is estimated that more than one million bicycle trips are made every day. The second region with the most automotive fleet is the Biobio Region, with 550,000 vehicles, and in third place, Valparaíso, with 530,000.

The Metro de Santiago has announced that until Sunday, October 7, the new service of bicycle parking in the underground train will be free for users.

Línea Cero has 128 parking lots available at five stations on Line 6: Cerrillos (20), Franklin (21), Bío-Bío (19), Pedro Aguirre Cerda (18) and Inés de Suarez (50).

To use the service, users must download the MOVATIC application, register and enable the geo-localization system of the phone, as the application requires it to identify the lease area and recommend nearby parking.